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Board of Trustees


Brad Micklin, Esq

The Micklin Law Group is comprised of an experienced team of attorneys and related professionals equally committed to personal client care and the best possible outcomes. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to serve our clients.


Voting Member

Northern New Jersey

Lena Hicks, Board President, and Outreach 


She is a missionary and minister. Reaching out to children and the homeless. But first, she loves God. She is a strong supporter of our mission.


Voting Member

Southern New Jersey

Latia Doctry, LCSW
Has practice counseling with children and adults who are suffering from anxiety, depression, behavioral concerns and other mental health disorders, to help stabilize their condition and teach them better coping skills. She has also worked for the Newark Public Schools, East Orange & Lyons VA Medical Center.
Voting Member
Central New Jersey
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